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Heritage Associates, Inc. is a boutique consulting, coaching and training firm specializing in sales and sales management and executive development. Founded in 1997 by Don McNamara CMC, Heritage Associates initially focused on sales management consulting and training. In 2007 with the addition of Maureen Rhyne, Ph.D. its focus expanded to include executive coaching and organizational consulting.

Coaching & Consulting

Sales Performance Optimization

Don McNamara CMC

Don McNamara CMC

Delivering Sales
Optimization in
the Real World

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Maureen Rhyne, Ph. D.

Maureen Rhyne, Ph.D.

Building Bridges to
Achieve Significant

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McNamara and Rhyne have distinct and complementary skill sets that offer their clients a broad range of experience from which to grow and strengthen their executive team and business footprint. In addition to McNamara and Rhyne, Heritage Associates has a team of highly qualified cross industry professionals and specialists who add specific expertise when called upon by its clients. To learn more about our services, please visit our websites linked below. ...